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UNIR1 Network is an adaptive niche marketing company specializing in the advancement of artists, bands and businesses using the latest digital marketing technologies.  Combined with experienced know on how to promote and launch an artist into the mainstream faster than the traditional label method, UNIR1 can create opportunities of future work and revenue for the artist.  UNIR1® uncovers many untapped marketing opportunities for new and seasoned artists alike. The UNIR1 approach of utilizing Internet Radio and HDTV broadcasting to promote, market, publish and distribute artist’s music while gaining fans, and more live appearances is socially viral and quite economical.

“The artists find that they can break into the music scene much faster with our approach earning them more notoriety and profits” says Scott Price CEO of UNIR1 Radio.

UNIR1® eliminates a lot of the middleman by keeping everything in house which means more money for the artist or business. By publishing and controlling your own content through a system that is already designed to exceed your expectations; Artists, bands and any brand maintain 100% control of their business and 100% control of the revenue and only paying a small fee for highly effective services they need.  With UNIR1®, you can become your own HD Television Network, your own Internet Radio Network, your own record label, create a start up company or empower your current business to the digital media age of online sales. There are no limits.

UNIR1 Network is a team of like minded members with the ability to share their music, videos, events and accolades with other artists, bands, independent record labels, booking agents, restaurant owners, real estate agents, entrepreneurial partners,  award winning engineers, multi-platinum and gold record producers, music industry educators and marketers with a common goal of creating more opportunities of new creative business ventures and sponsorship dollar by using the latest technologies in the new digital media market.

UNIR1® saves valuable time and money needed to operate your business by keeping all aspects of it under one roof.   By incorporating HDTV, Internet Radio, Responsive Website, Store, Digital, Physical, Film and Mobile distribution along with a customized Mobile app along with your creative product, physical presence and interaction with your customers and fans, you now have more time for strategic target marketing for your brands product and increasing your reach.

UNIR1® has several affordable services and solutions that artists can choose if they need extra help including Website Design and Brand Development, Logo & Graphic Design, Custom Website eCommerce and Mobile Application creations, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations Campaigns, BDS National Charting Radio Campaigns, Film & Movie Placement, Digital Distribution, Mixing Engineering and Mastering of product, licensing publishing and consulting.

Our brand is about people. The meaning of “You and I are 1” is significant in many forms. Mostly, that it is a relationship between two people working together as one. Even though the Independent artist or business wants to do it themselves, the task to become successful alone are next to almost impossible without a great team working with you.  We’re confident in our team and we will exceed your expectations.

If you are interested in more about our digital worldwide distribution, BDS Monitored National Charting Radio Campaigns, Video & Audio Retail Store Submissions, Website and Branding Development as well as  UNIR1 HD Television Network and Traffic Campaigns or Questions about our expertise, call us at 518-795-9500 or email us staff@unir1.info and include in your message what you are looking for.  Someone from our staff will be more than happy to assist you.


“Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1.”

UNIR1 Radio – Why We’re Better!


Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1 Radio!


1) UNIR1 Radio can be picked up on any mobile device and can even stream LIVE from mobile devices as well.

2) There is NO APP Needed to receive broadcasts from our radio stations to mobile devices. We are the app and can create custom apps for any brand.

3) Unlimited Bandwidth allows users to stream 24/7 to a worldwide audience in crystal clear HD Audio!

4) Several Popular Broadcasting Interactive solutions like Winamp, Virtual DJ, SAM Broadcaster and MIXXX for MAC makes it easy enough to for the computer noob to setup a broadcast instantly to the seasoned pro who incorporates external audio mixing and communication tools such as Skype, Google Chat, Magic Jack and more into their shows.

5) Create and schedule custom playlist to go off daily, weekly or monthly. There are over 500,000 songs in the music library for station owners to select, add to playlists and schedule at different times of the day or week to play. All internet radio stations are registered through BMI, ASCAP and SOCAN.

6) UNIR1 Radio wanted to make sure that there was value to an artist upload. Anyone can upload to a streaming service. But what kind of value are you really getting? Publish  your music and make it available to over 160 internet radio stations for station owners, program directors and DJ’s to pick up, play and promote and market artists music. Artist benefit by getting airplay and potential sales of their products within the UNIR1 Radio Network.

7) Artist thumbnails are clearly displayed on all of our radio station players and can be customized to add visual links to inform customers where to buy their music. Customers can click the “Cd Cover Picture” to buy your music directly from your website while your radio station is broadcasting.

8) Turn your internet radio station into a 24/7/365 marketing tool by creating audio commercial snippets advertising your music and merchandise for sale.

9) Create user accounts and hire DJ’s, blog writers and marketers to promote artists, bands and/or merchandise and receive a commission from the sale. Each station has their own ability to open up their own store and begin promoting and selling products immediately.

10) Store module allows bands and businesses to start selling their digital and physical merchandise they ship immediately online. No contracts to sign. Just simply create your account and pages, input your products information, pictures and payment method and your done.

11) UNIR1® offers it’s members free advice and consultation, help & support plus the opportunity to create new connections and more opportunities of creative business ventures and sponsorship dollar within the UNIR1® Global Network.

12) Upgrade to HDTV and add a visual presence to your audio format and a slew of fresh new exciting features for your audiences and marketing power for your brand. Broadcast LIVE and Publish your content to ROKU Set Top Boxes, Apple TV, Facebook, mobile devices, tablets, PC’s and more.

Call us at 518-795-9500 and someone from UNIR1 Radio will help you get started with your very own UNIR1 HDTV, Radio, Store & Mobile Website today!
“Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1.”

Run Your Own Radio Station on UNIR1 Radio

Broadcast Live to a ww audience banner 2

UNIR1 Radio Station:

Do you have a voice and want to be heard around the world? Run your very own radio station and host your own shows on the UNIR1 Radio Network! We reach thousands of people per month and our network radio stations can be heard on all PC’s as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones, Androids and tablets around the world.  Newest technology even allows you to stream your shows live on location from your mobile devices  or tablets to other mobile devices, tablets and PC’s & MAC’s.  You can also pre-record your shows then upload and schedule them to run whenever you want. You are the program director.

Artists and bands around the world are now broadcasting themselves on internet radio as well as HDTV Channels to break into the mainstream quicker and faster and earn them opportunities of revenue and sponsorship dollars than ever before. Even if you do not have the time to run a radio station, your radio station still works for you 24/7 by constantly promoting the content that you upload and program it to do. Gain more notoriety and potential followers,gigs and merchandise sales by using your internet radio station as your voice to make a strong statement about your band or business while fitting your budget economically. UNIR1 Radio Network will assist and help educate you in your goals to be successful.

• Share your music with other radio stations on the UNIR1 Radio Network!
• Broadcast LIVE on Facebook and bring new fans to your Facebook Fan Page!
• Cutting edge technology allows you to broadcast LIVE from mobile devices like Android, iPhone and iPad.
• HTML5 format allows your radio station to be picked up by every mobile device for those on the go listeners.
• Bring personal interaction to your station via your radio station chat box, Skype, Google Chat, Telephone and more!
• Embed your radio station player on your band or business website, WordPress, Google Blogger and share that embed code with your customers and fans.
• Generate potential revenue streams from sponsored banner ads or audio adverts on your radio station.
• Create opportunities for gigs by inviting business owners to your radio station to listen LIVE.
• Perfect Marketing tool that breaks out into the mainstream quickly for a business, band or professional.
• Create an effective internet presence locally by hosting your own daily or weekly show.  Interact with fans globally and invite them to participate in your shows. Bring In More Variety and Content by promoting other bands or bringing in other DJ’s to do several daily or weekly shows as well.
• Start another career or use your radio station with your current business to advertise and promote yourself.
• Throw parties, hold concerts or live stream your events from other places around the world.
• One central location to build your entire fan base off of your website.
• Make new friends all over the world, promote other bands, businesses, causes, people and more.
• Great learning tool for beginners and students.
• Simple, effective and affordable.


All UNIR1 Radio Packages include;

•Your very own White Label Custom Branded Internet Radio Station to broadcast your LIVE shows and events or showcase your music, podcasts or other artists and band’s music.
•A professional responsive user friendly WordPress website/mobile app that you can access 24/7, create access for other users and completely customize via our white label platform.
•Digital Store to sell all your MP3s, Digital CD’s, Bundles and Physical Merchandise that you ship.
•Your music is made available to over 160 internet radio stations on the UNIR1 Radio Network for other station owners, program directors, DJ’s and host to play your music. All radio stations are BMI, ASCAP and SOCAN registered and artists receive 100% of the royalties through their Performance Royalty Organization.
•3GB space to upload to your personal Library and Over 500,000 songs to pick from, program and schedule to run for listeners to enjoy.
•Digital Distribution via UNIR1 Records.
•Customer Support via phone or quick ticket system.
Price: $29.95 per month



Call us or email us now on how to get started at 518-795-9500 or staff@unir1.info and we will be happy to assist you.

UNIR1 Network Services – HDTV Internet Radio Store Website with Hosting

More artists, bands and even businesses around the world are now broadcasting themselves on internet radio as well as HDTV Channels to break into the mainstream quicker and faster and to create and facilitate opportunities of revenue and sponsorship dollars than ever before. Even if you do not have the time to run a HDTV Channel or radio station, your stations still work for you 24/7 constantly promoting the content that you upload and program them to do. Gain more notoriety and potential followers, gigs and merchandise sales by using your HDTV Channels, internet radio station website, blogging system and store shopping cart to market promote and distribute your brand and products from one location.

UNIR1® now offers your band or your business the highest quality state of the art marketing and promotional tools to significantly improve the visual, audio and online presence of your brand to help your opportunities of gaining new customers, more notoriety, and higher revenue streams, as well as re-establish quality assurance and offer the latest technology in entertainment with your pre-existing fans & customers. UNIR1 has created a “one stop shop” in-house network that includes the ability to run your own iPTV Network, HDTV Channel, Internet Radio Station that comes with a professional responsive Website, Hosting, Mobile Application, eCommerce Store and blogging system that saves you time and money while creating new opportunities and possibilities of earning revenue. Our partners and developers at TikiLIVE® make UNIR1® services unique in approach and very economical in costs.

We can customize any package for you and your business. The UNIR1® brand believes in a one on one personal relationship with all of its customers. Please call UNIR1® at 518-795-9500 and someone from our staff can put together a personalized package that fits your needs!

All UNIR1® Multi Media Business Packages include;

An Official UNIR1® Membership giving you access to some of our free advice and consultation, help & support plus the opportunity to create new connections and more opportunities of creative business ventures and sponsorship dollar within our network.

Share your media content, events and products with UNIR1 Network’s internet radio stations, HDTV network affiliates, our independent label partners, booking agents as well as review of your music by several certified RIAA multi-platinum and gold record producers to offer technical evaluation of your product and services to produce mix and master your music for a more competitive when it comes to promoting and marketing your BDS National Charting Radio and/or Worldwide distribution campaigns.

Your UNIR1® Membership allows your music to be made available to over 140 internet radio stations on the UNIR1 Radio Network for other station owners, program directors, DJ’s and host to play your music. All radio stations are BMI, ASCAP and SOCAN registered and artists receive 100% of the royalties through their Performance Royalty Organization.

All UNIR1 Members® get Social Integration and Cross Promotions on UNIR1® Networks Media sites.

A professionally designed responsive WordPress template with hosting that is made to showcase your business and sell your products across all mobile devices, tablets, PC’s, ROKU Set Top Boxes, Apple TV and more. You can access and create custom blogs, design pages and tabs for your website as well as program and schedule 24/7 pre-recorded shows, podcasts and LIVE events from your HDTV Channel and Internet Radio Station at any time.

eCommerce Store allows you to keep track of all your sales of your Digital & Physical Merchandise that you ship with several options to pay you within your system console.

All members receive digital distribution via UNIR1 Records and UNIR1 Music.

All UNIR1® Members are eligible to be a part of our Affiliate Rewards Program.

24/7 Customer Support.


How Much Does All This Cost?

  • To own your own internet radio station with UNIR1®is $49.95 per month.
  • To own your own HDTV station and internet radio station with UNIR1®is $79.95 a month.


All packages are custom made for you and your business. The UNIR1® brand believes in a one on one personal relationship with all of its customers. Please call UNIR1® at 518-795-9500 and someone from our staff will help get you started immediately!

We’re here to help and to exceed your expectations. There are no limits to what you and your team can do with us. We look forward in finding you a better solution and a clearer success path for yourself, your business and your family. “Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1.”

Thank you!


The New Face Of UNIR1 Radio


UNIR1 Radio streams in High Definition Audio and has many new faces thanks to the partners at TikiLIVE- Better Than Radio. Now you can expand your reach beyond desktop browsers and broadcast LIVE from mobile devices and reach others who are either at home or on the go! Start building your fan base and sponsorship today! UNIR1 Radio even has social integration so you can broadcast on social networks like Facebook and Twitter with the radio’s built in HTML5 player. Instantly find out who’s listening to your tracks in “real time” and keep track of each “play” or “listen” with our QOS reports from your account dashboard.

Virtual DJ



Voted the Best DJ Software of 2013, Virtual DJ lets its users sound like a professional DJs without the expensive cost of all the proprietary equipment usually required for mixing audio.

Their interface can support up to 99 decks for a maximum experience and even includes digital turntables with vinyl emulation for users. This emulation helps in preserving the hands-on feel of DJing with vinyl while allowing playback of audio recordings not physically available on records, allowing DJs to scratch, beatmatch, and perform other turntablism that would be impossible with a conventional keyboard and mouse computer interface.

Virtual DJ functions by sending your streams in crystal clear HD audio that is delivered perfectly to your radio channels.





Winamp is generally used as a media player for Windows-based PCs. With the downloadable live streaming plugin users are able to utilize this application to capture the audio playing from the program and broadcast it to your radio channels. Users can even attach a microphone and use Winamp as a broadcaster for their talk shows and podcasts.

The Winamp application is highly customizable so each individual user can alter their settings, views and even different effects for the broadcaster to use such as fading transitions between playing songs.





Streaming Audio Manager, or SAM, is an Internet radio broadcasting application with the main feature functionality for running a live radio streams from a single computer. It can be used to run live shows to broadcast audio through a mic, or even as another mixing software with DJs selecting the tracks and mixing the sounds.

This application even offers listener counts displayed as a graph in the Graphical User Interface (GUI). There are also other reports that are available for the broadcaster to take advantage of so they can be sure to keep track of all their statistics. SAM Broadcaster is used for many popular events such as South by Southwest.





Mixxx allows for the use of mixing music using their downloadable program, as would a DJ with physical equipment and more specifically suited towards beatmatching. It can read most popular audio formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AIFF, and FLAC. This is a great alternative for Mac users without access to a Windows PC to broadcast radio through your radio stations.

This program is one of the first free and open-sourced applications in the Mac App Store.



Mobile Broadcasting with Papaya



Papaya is a broadcaster you’re able to use from your mobile Apple device. There’s no need for a computer with this app and it only takes moments to set up with your given credentials.

This app captures the audio from the internal mic of your iPhone or iPad and streams an MP3 encoded audio file to your streaming HDTV channel. You only have to set it up once so once your input the configuration your can start and stop whenever you want, on the spot, allowing you to stream audio LIVE in seconds! You can even save different configurations for broadcasting on different channels.

Turn your iPhone into a radio station using Papaya as a source for your LIVE mobile streaming.

The Rendezvous Show with Cris and Alysia – TRS247.com


The Rendezvous Show with Cris and Alysia

is a variety TV/Radio show featuring celebrity interviews, reality TV stars, surprise guests and an array of musical personas. But our passion is showcasing INDIE Artist from around the world, as well as up and coming actors, producers and musicians. Rendezvous Inc. offers a unique and effective way for Indie artist to attain a variety of exposure by extending their brand through our three main outlets, which are TV, Net Radio and Print Media. We are also committed to charitable organization by offering them an outlet to promote their respective foundations.

The Rendezvous Show banner with Chris and Alysia

All part of the UNIR1 Global Radio and HDTV Network.


UNIR1 Radio Proudly Presents The Backstage Vibe Radio Show!


Listen every Friday and Saturday 5pm-7pm EST to DJs Mel & Ray on The Backstage Vibe Radio Show as they play an eclectic mix of new and exciting indie music from artists and bands on the Backstage Vibe Music Network. Enjoy in-depth interviews with artists and bands and hear about new album releases, tours, funny stories, and what it’s like to be an indie artist in the here and now.

Mel and Ray keep things fresh each and every week with new music, new interviews, and new perspectives on music-related topics and, of course, life in general.

Any artist or band wishing to be played (or interviewed) on The Backstage Vibe Radio show need only to join www.backstagevibe.com (free) and upload their music for consideration. Interview inquiries can be made through the Contact Us page on the site.

Tune in every Friday and Saturday at 5pmEST for a solid (2) hours of the Backstage Vibe Radio Show exclusively Syndicated and Broadcast on the UNIR1 Global Radio Network!

UNIR1 Radio Transparent October 2013 500x315




Why You Should Take A Look At Advertising On Global Internet Radio.

The success of an advertising media promotion depends on its reach to the audience. Whether it is the print media, electronic media or published media, people’s unparalleled demands for various sponsors and advertisers is due to the immense coverage they have among the masses. While newspapers, magazines and billboards continue to be an advertiser’s favorite. The streaming media is by far considered the most effective form of advertising.

 Commercials on TV and radio are the most popular forms of streaming media advertising. However, the increased usage of the World Wide Web has made Internet radio advertising a great option. The Internet talk radio is a format that host shows on topical issues. These shows discuss a wide range of topics like business, finance, health, sports, education or anything else under the sky. Conversations related to specific topics are broadcasted over the media. A talk radio station encourages a high degree of audience interaction in the form of their queries and suggestions. The advertisements are generally streamed during the short breaks in between the segments of the show. 

From the advertising perspective, a Global Internet based radio station is a much better option than television or a non-internet based radio station. Unlike a TV or a radio, most users listening to Global Internet radio prefer to have their headphones on and are less likely to get distracted by external sounds or movements. 
Thus the clarity of the information communicated is much better in case of an Internet radio format. Furthermore, it enables the users to work and listen simultaneously. A person, irrespective of where he or she is, can interact on the Internet radio station by just booting on the laptop – connecting to the Internet and logging into the radio station with their headphones on. While participating in the online show, the audience can easily gain access to the website of the product under discussion or simply click on banners and buttons of interest. They can even search the web for more details on the product or business at the click of a mouse. Conversely a non-internet based TV or a radio does not offer similar accessibility. Thus the advertisers get a far better exposure of their products/ services through a Global Internet Radio station. Apart from that, low infrastructure and operational costs makes web based radio a lot more cost effective alternative than a non-internet based broadcasting media.  Global Internet Radio stations are the way to go for advertisers and in the past two years a lot of good stations have come up. 

They distribute advertisements live and on-demand. Advertisers are offered specific slots and the rates are charged according to the number of impressions delivered. Apart from the audio coverage of the advertisements, banners and buttons are also used to increase the exposure of the advertiser’s products/ services. To reach out to the target audience, advertising campaigns can also be geo-targeted to suit the preferences of different genres.

Though the concept of internet radio streaming and live simulcasting started in 1994, it is fast catching up both with the audience and the advertisers as extremely effective. Low operational costs, better clarity, wide product exposure and better audience reach has certainly made it a great advertising tool.
• Internet Radio is the fastest growing way in which we listen & perceive media! The growth is like a dual rocket both in listeners per capita and in gross online radio advertising revenue.

• Kids ages 12+ listen to Internet Radio more than Satellite Radio, FM/AM, IPOD and ICAST combined! If you have kids & don’t know what Internet Radio is? Ask them! They do!

SNL Kagan, a div of SNL Financial predicted in 2009 that in 2013, total radio online revenue will reach $827 Million. The Bridge Ratings, JP Morgan & E-Marketer all predict that by 2015, 85% of American households will have live internet streaming radio in their living rooms, and revenue from online streaming will reach over  
1.6 Billion Dollars.

These figures are extremely hard to ignore. At this rate, most terrestrial radio stations maybe broadcasting to frogs and crickets for an audience. Most Nationwide Terrestrial Radio Stations have felt the hit as their listener bases decrease every quarter. Local radio stations are quickly hopping on the band wagon by joining a Global Internet Streaming Network to follow suit with the booming World Wide Web media frenzy.

Music companies, as well as musicians have turned to Global Internet Radio to look for new talent and market their own product. The age of Digital Media Exchange has arrived with Global Internet Radio falling smack dab in the middle of the 4G Network and very well ready for HTML5 and beyond.


If you are interested in placing your product line for advertisement on the UNIR1 Radio Network or would like to start your own global internet radio station, please call UNIR1 Inc. at 518-795-9500 or visit our partners at http://tikilive.unir1.us  



UNIR1 Radio would like to Welcome to SPADORA ON SPORTS – Sports Media Group , LLC. to ur programming! Peter Spadora has built a reputation on delivering measurable results through in-depth experiences with famous Hall Of Famers andd Celebrities like Yogi Berra, James Earl Jones, Jacques Frazier, Joe Piscopo and many more.

Yogi Berra and Pete 200907 200404 James Earl Jones; Cooperstown, NY Jacque Frazier; Turning Stone Casino DSC02059


SPADORA ON SPORTS can be heard on UNIR1Radio.com / UNIR1Radio.us every Saturday afternoon from 2pmEST til 4pmEST in it’s entirety! UNIR1 Radio will also be running small interview segments of Peter Spadora’s Show in the mornings as well.

SPADORA ON SPORTS weekend radio show can also be heard throughout :

Watertown, NY…Fort Drum…Oswego, NY….Rome, NY…Kingston, Canada…Massena, NY…Canton, NY…Potsdam, NY…Rochester, NY…Brockport, NY…Ottawa, Canada..Geneva, NY…Brattleboro, VT…Keene, VT…Boston, MA.

UNIR1 Radio 2013 1b 540x304 1c

UNIR1Radio ©2013

“Things Just Get Better When You and I are 1.”

UNIR1 Radio Launches It’s New Radio Platform on UNIR1Radio.com

UNIR1 Radio 2013 1b 540x304


After nearly (5) months of revamping, recoding and realigning UNIR1 Radio, our mothership of Internet Radio Stations has relaunched it’s “Better Than Radio” platform thanks to the developers of TkiLIVE HD Streaming.

We are pleased to announce the availability of radio stations for you to own and operate as well as full hosting, website and marketing to promote them.

We also have opened the doors for artists submissions and rotational radio play among UNIR1 Radio and UNIR1 Radio Network.  If you have a song you would like us to play on our great radio network, please fill out the contact form below and send it to us.
(Please make sure your songs are tagged with the artist, title, album and genre)

We will not play your music if it is not tagged!  No exceptions!

Please include a bio on yourself and your band.  The more content you supply UNIR1, the better we get to know you and your music which means we can effectively promote you on the air.  If you are interested in UNIR1 Radio to market and sell your music, please call us at (518)795-9500 to speak to a representative directly!

We will notify all artists and bands if your music has been considered for airplay and the day and time it will be aired on UNIR1 Radio.  We ask that you cross promote us by telling your family, friends and fans to tune in to our great radio station and to listen to your songs as well as many other independent artists on UNIR1 Radio.  Bookmark our link in your browser for easy reference, Click That Link; Crank That Volume; and You and I are 1 Radio!